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Q: What is Forex? 

We would like to present you online Forex meta trader broker, so you can start to trade foreign currencies now.
On that page you can also read about how to start trading currencies, what is important, about scalping techniques and much, much more.
We will also provide some tools useful in Forex trade and information about trading on the foreign currency market.

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Forex trading

. Q: What is Forex? 

  Forex and ‘FX’ are shortened terms used for ‘foreign exchange’. Foreign exchange or ‘currency trading’ is the exchange of money from different countries. The value of one country’s currency is constantly changing against the value of another country’s currency. Forex traders make money through buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market. (More about Forex)

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Forex trading - FX Foreign exchange currency trading is the exchange of money - forex. You can earn on trends. Free forex Practice Account